Writing a Card

Curious about how to write a card? We have got you covered!


Obtain a card or make one by hand


Write an uplifting message in the card and personalize it however you want. Be creative!

(Card Writing Help)


Seal the card in an envelope, address it to our P.O Box and put on the correct postage

Do you not have a card or the time to make one?

Not to worry! We have partnered with Behind My Mind, a campaign that encourages individuals to share their mental health journeys and shine a light on the realities of mental health and illnesses.


Through our partnership, you are now able to purchase a card from the Behind My Mind Shop. All you have to do is write a personalized message at the checkout and it will then be handwritten in the card by a team member from Behind My Mind, who will send it to our PO Box! It is that easy! To top it off, ALL proceeds from the card will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association! By buying a card, you will be able to help two causes! 

Check out the Behind My Mind Shop to see the card options and use the code "SUNSHINE" for 15% off at checkout!

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