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Writing a Card

Curious about how to write a card? We have got you covered!


Obtain a card or make one by hand


Write an uplifting message in the card and personalize it however you want. Be creative!


Seal the card in an envelope, address it to our P.O Box and put on the correct postage.

(As an alternative, you can drop off your cards at one of the locations listed here)

Our Guidelines

Before writing your cards, here are some guidelines:


Your message must be handwritten. 


Please write at least 3 sentences, with an average of 15-20 words per sentence.


Do not include the date. This includes mentioning the season, month and/or year.


Write legibly and in large print. 


Make your message kind and thoughtful, and do not mention COVID-19. Cards written with offensive or inappropriate content will not be accepted. 


Do not include any loose glitter, confetti or snacks.


Do not write "get well soon", "my condolences" or anything similar anywhere in the card. Language that is condescending, such as mentioning that a senior is nearing the end of their life, is not permitted.


Do not address the card to a specific person. 


If you are sending more than one card, please send them in one large envelope or box.


Avoid mentioning religion. 


Do not include your last name.


Each card should be folded (not a postcard format) and at least 4x5.5 inches in size.


Send as many cards as you like. There is no limit! Be creative and have fun! 

A card that meets our guidelines:

A Card That Meets Our Guidelines

Card Content Ideas

Overall, the card should be uplifting and positive!

Tell them about yourself!

  • Your first name

  • Where you're from

  • Your interests and hobbies

Write some kind words

  • Let them know that they are loved

  • Tell them how amazing they are

How to Begin and End Your Card

Beginning the Card

  • Some ideas include:

    • ​Dear friend​​

    • Greetings

    • Hi there

Ending the Card

  • Only sign your first name

  • Some ideas include:

    • Love​

    • Warmly

    • Your friend

    • Take care

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