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Card Writing Help

Before writing your cards, here are some guidelines:


Make sure your message is handwritten. 


Write legibly and in large print. 


Don't write the date. 


Avoid mentioning religion. 


Don't address the card to a specific person. 


Send as many cards as you like. There is no limit! Be creative and have fun! 

Card Content Ideas

Overall, the card should be uplifting and positive!

Tell them about yourself!

  • Your first name

  • Where you're from

  • Your interests and hobbies

Write some kind words

  • Let them know that they are loved

  • Tell them how amazing they are

How to Begin and End Your Card

Beginning the Card

  • Some ideas include:

    • ​Dear friend​​

    • Greetings

    • Hi there

Ending the Card

  • Only sign your first name

  • Some ideas include:

    • Love​

    • Warmly

    • Your friend

    • Take care

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