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Senior Nomination Program

Sending Sunshine’s Senior Nomination Program allows anyone in Canada to nominate a senior they know to receive cards from us!


Each month our team will review the nominations and choose some to include on our website. Then, anyone from around the world can read about each nominated senior and send a card to one or more of their choice. The cards are sent to the nominator's address, who will collect the cards and deliver them to the senior they nominated!


May Letter Requests

Read about each nominated senior and decide which senior(s) you’d like to send a card to. Cards should be sent by May 31, 2024. We post new seniors who want cards from you at the beginning of each month. Happy writing!


A message from Shahida's granddaughter: She is really loving but usually doesn’t receive the love she deserves back. She spent most of her life in Pakistan and came to Canada little over five years ago to reunite with her children. She really loves fish. Orange and pink (separately) are her most favourite colours. She is usually handling all the workload in my uncles house nowadays as him and his spouse both work.

Language(s): Urdu and English

Please send cards here: 

Shahida's Card Bundle

c/o Atya-Tul-Qudus S.

76 Cloverwood Road 

Winnipeg, MB R3Y1R6

Past Letter Recipient


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the cards going?
    All of the cards will be distributed to various care facilities and seniors' organizations across Canada!
  • Is there a minimum size requirement for my cards?
    Cards should be no smaller than 4x5.5 inches.
  • Does my card have to be store bought?
    No! We welcome both store bought and handmade cards. Let your creativity run wild! If you want to save money but are having trouble making a handmade card, this website is a good online card and envelope maker! Just make sure to handwrite the actual message though! You can also purchase a card from our Redbubble Store.
  • Do I have to put a return address on the envelope?
    No, you do not have to put a return address on the envelope if you don't feel comfortable including it!
  • Do I have to write my card in English?
    No! In addition to English, we accept cards written in French, traditional Chinese writing, and simplified Chinese writing.
  • What should the card contain?
    The cards should contain thoughtful, uplifting, and cheerful messages. Cards should be handwritten and contain an introduction of yourself. You can also include any hobbies, interests, or past-times. More ideas are outlined in the card writing help section of our website
  • Where should I send the card?
    All cards can be sent to our P.O. Box at: Sending Sunshine PO Box 45017 RPO Port Credit Mississauga, ON L5G 4S7 Canada
  • Can I send my cards through a courier such as FedEx?
    No. Cards must be sent through a federal postal service, such as Canada Post!
  • If I want to send multiple cards, can I send them in one large envelope or do they have to be sent one card per envelope?
    We would prefer for multiple cards to be sent in one large envelope or box!
  • If I am sending my cards in one large envelope/box, should I put the cards in individual envelopes?
    If you are sending your cards in one large envelope, it is up to you whether you have individual envelopes for each of your cards. We will accept them either way! If you choose to include envelopes, please do not seal them.
  • Will I get any confirmation that you have recieved my card?
    If you want confirmation that we have received your card, you may add a separate slip of paper in the envelope with your name and email. We’ll then contact you when we have received your card!
  • Will I receive a card in return?
    The cards will only be sent to Seniors in care facilities. You will not receive a response. However, we do have a pen pal program! Click here for more information on our pen pal program.
  • Can I receive volunteer hours for writing a card?
    Yes, you can gain volunteer hours for writing cards to Seniors! Please sign up as a volunteer here and please read our instructions very carefully!

Other questions? Email us at:

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