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We have launched a GoFundMe! Click here to donate!

We need your help

Sending Sunshine is a not-for-profit corporation that operates 100% through the work of unpaid volunteers. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about helping seniors in our community and wish to see positivity spread to all corners of our country and beyond.

Sending Sunshine's main expense is the shipping cost to mail card bundles to care facilities and senior organizations. We need funds and support to continue to send uplifting cards to isolated senior citizens. To date, we have delivered over 110,000 cards, however we currently have limited funds and will not be able to financially support the mailing cost of these packages in the future.   


We would also like to keep expanding and spreading sunshine to as many seniors as possible. Sending Sunshine hopes to see a world in which every senior citizen will never feel alone. We hope to expand our initiative internationally by sending cards to care facilities and organizations outside of Canada. All of this requires funds that we currently do not have so we would be grateful if you donated to Sending Sunshine and help us continue our initiative!


Your donation will directly help us send uplifting cards to isolated senior citizens. Any proceeds and funds that we receive are beneficial to our cause and will positively impact isolated senior citizens across Canada. Although we are very grateful for receiving donations and grants so far, obtaining sponsorships has been more challenging due to COVID-19. Therefore, any donation amount would be helpful and greatly appreciated!

Picture of a senior citizen holding a card

*Note: As we are a registered not-for-profit corporation and not a charity, we are unable to provide tax receipts for any donation.

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