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Endorsements & Sponsors

Thank you to our Partners!

A few of our reviews:

...I can attest that Sending Sunshine has brought so much surprise and happiness to our elders. This beautiful initiative is from the heart and saying "thank you" doesn't seem enough! Especially during the isolation of COVID, and a long period of not being able to see loved ones in person, these cards brought smiles to many faces. I see them posted in many people's rooms - thank you and God Bless!

Deanna F.

A small and simple gesture goes a long way and the dedicated team at Sending Sunshine know that. Receiving a handwritten card is a wonderful gift at any time, age, or stage of life, but especially for the elderly. As a volunteer, I feel like a valued part of this caring team who work hard to enrich the lives of some of the most vulnerable in society.



M. Irwin

We wish to thank Sending Sunshine for their uplifting, fun and full of warmth messages. Our residents enjoy sitting down to a meal, and near their knapkin lies a lovely message from a kind soul. Or, during a one-to-one reading the message outloud and reminiscing about its content. From the Admiral, we thank you for Sending us Sunshine!




Shelley L.

...Receiving a card is something our elders can relate to and is a reminder that even people they don't know are thinking of them and care about them! It certainly puts a smile on their faces and spreads some sunshine, especially during the pandemic, while our connections with others are limited. Thank you "Sending Sunshine"!



Nakile Home

Thank you to all our Sponsors!

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A big thank you goes out to all of the parties involved with the #RisingYouth community service grant! We greatly appreciate their support to allow us to reach as many seniors as possible.

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