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To connect seniors living in Canada with people from around the globe through the power of the written word, while promoting volunteerism among youth.


The objective is to help diminish the adverse effects of over 500,000 seniors living alone or in care facilities who struggle with many challenges including isolation and loneliness. We aim to bring a ‘ray of sunshine’ to the lives of the elderly in Canada.

Where it all began

It all started with 4 good friends in 2020 from Mississauga, Ontario. We created a not-for-profit corporation to try to improve the lives of senior citizens amidst a global pandemic.

What We Do

We collect cards containing uplifting handwritten messages written by volunteers in 16 countries and in 3 languages. Cards are vetted for appropriate content and delivered to over 566 care providers for distribution to senior clientele across Canada. We also run a Pen Pal Program and lead Sending Sunshine Chapters, all of which is done 100% through the work of unpaid volunteers. 

Our Process

It is all done in 5 easy steps….

  1. Volunteers handwrite messages on cards 

  2. Cards are mailed to: Sending Sunshine; PO Box 45017 RPO Port Credit; Mississauga, ON L5G 4S7

  3. Cards are sorted and vetted for content 

  4. Packages of cards are delivered to facilities and care providers across Canada

  5. Senior clientele receive a card

A Year in Statistics

  • 114,163 cards received to date

  • Over 566 care facilities and seniors' organizations served

  • Volunteer card-writers in 16 countries

  • Handwritten cards in 3 languages

  • Over 10,000 student volunteers

  • Growing number of School Chapters

  • Paired 154 pen pal individuals

  • Received donations from 26 businesses

  • Secured 5 corporate sponsorships

  • Awarded a government grant 

  • Gained over 16,500 followers on TikTok

  • Gained over 9,000 followers on Instagram

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